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Anesie is grateful for help from Wadhurst Rotary and shows us her skill in pottery

Anesie BUCUMI is from the minority Batwa tribe. She lives near the primary school in Mwumba and she expressed her gratitude to the FH Burundi programme, which donated some roofing sheets for her house. The sheets were purchased with a donation from Wadhurst Rotary. Here is Anesie showing her skill in making a traditional clay pot.

She says: "I was accepted as a beneficiary in the FH Burundi programme in 2014... many good things have happened in my life which I could never believe as a person from the Batwa tribe. We often think that we are condemned because people do not like our tribe. From the beginning of my marriage, I have lived in a 'house' which was not really a house. It was a small hut which had holes everywhere. When it rained, the place became like hell. Due to poverty and struggling for a daily living, I could not dream or imagine that this situation could change ... We have now received metal roofing sheets and the nails needed to fix the roof. Now we live a better life and thank God."

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