The training of parents and church/community leaders is an important activity.  FH Burundi employ two full-time staff in Mwumba. Violette is a Community Worker, who visits the vulnerable families regularly and provides training to '12 mother group leaders' who in their turn teach other mothers in a system of 'cascade learning'. Training is provided in basic health, hygiene and nutrition. Children's clubs have been started in the primary school and provide the opportunity to socialise and learn. Church leaders are using FH's 'church engagement' programme to promote community transformation.


Many of the poorest families are virtually landless and unable to grow enough food for their families. Several farming associations have been started. Land has been rented and the FH Agronomist, Polcarpe, is  teaching improved farming techniques, which increase soil fertility and crop yields.  


The programme is working hard to encourage members of the most vulnerable households to join a Learning and Savings Club. The monthly savings are used to access small loans for income generating projects and a social fund enables members to help each other in times of crisis. 


FH has also assisted vulnerable families to own an animal (rabbit, pig, goat or cow). The animal's offspring provide a valuable income and the dung is used to improve the fertility of the soil. 


To relieve the pressure on classroom space at Mwumba Primary School, 4 new classrooms have been built to start another primary school at Gihama.

With support from the Link, a new water supply was provided to bring clean drinking water to over 3,000 households. A new crop store has been built to enable members of the farming associations to keep a proportion of the harvest as seed or for later use.